Record job growth in Idaho clean energy

2016 was a banner year for the clean energy industry, in terms of both installed capacity as well as jobs created. The U.S. advanced energy industry has become a $200 billion sector, roughly the same size as the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Several recent reports highlight this growth across the United…

Clean Energy Leads to Lowers Costs for Consumers

A recent report by the Iowa Policy Project debunks the myth that higher levels of renewables leads to high electricity prices for consumers. Iowa has become a testing ground for what happens when you connect large amounts of renewables, in this case wind, to the electrical grid. With over 36%…

Solar industry making gains in Boise area

From, March 29, 2017: BOISE - Solar energy isn't just powering some buildings in Idaho, advocates of that renewable resource say it's helping create jobs here, too. The Solar Foundation says that Boise saw more than 80 new jobs in the solar industry last year. And there are now…

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